Offshore Feeding Programme


Proudly Serving The Offshore Business Community

Find below a list of offerings that we currently provide to offshore workers on wind farms.

We have flexibility to provide the menu that best works for you and are happy to provide testimonials from current clients. Please contact us to find our more.

Menu Options

All items are packed into appropriate containers (to be re-heated in a microwave or conventional ovens) and stored in chill boxes which hold temperature at 4* for 36 hours.

Chicken Curry, basmati rice, garlic and coriander naan bread

Roast pork, stuffing, apple sauce, roast potatoes, fresh vegetables

Lasagne, garlic bread, salad

Beef and mushroom pie, mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables

Sweet chilli-roasted salmon, new potatoes and peas

Baked gammon, parsley sauce, mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables. 

Spaghetti Bolognese, garlic bread, salad