Evening Buffet


Bacon Butties: three rashers of sweet-cured bacon in large white floured baps. served with Heinz tomato ketchup

Slow-roast legs of pork, crackling, apple sauce and stuffing, carved into large white floured baps

Greek-style chicken or pork pittas*, dressed salad leaves with tomato, black olives, cucumber and onion. Served with garlic mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce

Pulled chicken burgers in brioche buns. Served with dressed salad, garlic mayonnaise, chilli sauce and bbq sauce  

The Main Event Cheese Table:

Norfolk Dapple, smoked Norfolk Dapple, Mrs. Temple’s Binham Blue, Copys Cloud and Camozola. All served with pickles, chutneys, figs, rosy apples, grapes, celery, crackers and artisan loaves 

*meats marinaded in lemon, bay leaves, chilli and garlic